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Act of Joining Passed, the UST has been Annexed into the PRA

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After the steep war tax imposed by the UST and PRA governments, the two nations agreed to share economic and military costs via confederacy. What they didn't cont on however was the lengthiness of the truce. The UST will go bankrupt after the war has ended and Asegon pulls out of it's economy. So after furied debate, the UST was Annexed by the Peoples Republic, and given the name Special Administration district. This means that the Tokkish people will be able to retain their national identity, and their government as an autonomy within the PRA.

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Sir Rian

So, the UST is now a part of the PRA? Righty-o... Gonna go update the map...

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OOC: Danke! Very Happy

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Remember to make a wiki article as soon as you can.

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