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Revision of Citizen Amounts

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1Revision of Citizen Amounts Empty Revision of Citizen Amounts on Wed Nov 10, 2010 2:17 am

After looking at a variety of different nation's populations, I have decided on a population number for Alledon.

1. Ieodea, Castletown, Anders and Serpent Forest: 75,000
2. Grey, Tok Confederated, Karmaz Territory: 92,000
3. Novterra: 2,000

169,000 citizens

The Alledonians make an average of 10 Alledonian Dollars.

They are taxed 35 percent

That is 3.5 AD per person per week. This means that Alledon now makes 591,500 Alledonian Dollars per week. That is 1,774,500 Sala per week.

We are now revising our assets page. As we have more citizens, we hav more military. 1 in every 3 Alledonian citizens is a soldier. This means 56,300 Alledonians are in the national army. This demands a payment of 10 AD per soldier. 563,000 AD in total. This means that the budget (after military expenditures) is 28,000 dollars.

After that we spend 3,000 dollars on other things already detailed on our page. We have 25,000 dollars afterward. We spend that on miscellaneous projects, some of which are described here.

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2Revision of Citizen Amounts Empty Re: Revision of Citizen Amounts on Wed Nov 10, 2010 9:31 am


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Well, it's obviously not strictly roleplaying, but it is an understandable change, and you're not being excessive in the new population number. Furthermore, you've already sorted this out in relation to your economy. Since the change is made to fit in better with the rest of the community, and it actually does so, it has my tick of approval as the roleplay moderator.

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