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Faithmaster Curecilis Andoroni organises a mass Prayer to Veriti.

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Following news from Scondovia that the arrival of the "Red Messiah" is imminent. The Faithmaster of the Church of Veriti has organized a great sermon of prayer to the Goddess of all Saurians. He says "For too long the Sentients of Realm have been subjected to torture by the wicked Red Messiah, the heretics must burn in the name of OUR TRUE LADY the great VERITI AL MURECI! VITIRO AL VERITI! VITIRO AL VERITI!"

The Paramount Leader has criticized the procession as "Extremist Poppycock" and an "Atrocious case of religous subjugation in our enlightened nation" in light of the recent Sirdovian-Chiidian-Asagonese Trade offering. The Churches views do not sit well with Ubeli or his cabinet.

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