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Ubeli deposed by the people, Velaci to become Premier of Asagon

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The War Council of Asagon

Subject; Ubeli Sanato

The Premier has been shamed by his minimal land gains on Adormath, and the people have deemed him an unworthy commander of the PRA. The popular Velaci has already made her move for the title of Premier, and this morning Ubeli was forced from his home by armed guards who were loyal to Velaci.

Under Velaci's leadership, the Asagonese prepare for the long voyage to Australasia, to do battle with the indigenous Mayapachi who evicted the Saurians from their lands long ago. And re-integrate the Tokkish states into Asagonese leadership. Ubeli has vowed to match these acheivements one by one, and return to Asagon to kill Velaci Oboros.

Ubeli has fled Asagon and has become an international fugitive, he is most likely heavilly armed. If any nation finds him within their borders, he is to be killed on sight.

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Braddia is prepared to give amnesty to the great commander who allowed the peace between Braddia and the Asagonees. Braddia will allow him to live in the Abagonees state of Braddia.

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