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Sovereign of Braddia claims more off the nomansland up to Sir ryan Bay.

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Up to Sir ryan Bay! that is what the King has said, King David of Braddia wants to expands to the Sir Ryan bay.

Troops of millitia and settlers and supplies for the various townships have been send.

''We will build the Braddian Empire!'' Said the King.

The Settlers will make everything these two months, this work will cost 200.000 Brds. The claim will be done within the week.

The Ministery of Ream Affairs has drafted a map and has ensured that all settlements are fully protected by Braddia and Braddia ensures their sovereignity stays with their owners.

Sovereign of Braddia claims more off the nomansland up to Sir ryan Bay. Newbradia

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I oppose this, and I hope that Souran rejects these claims, they are not respectful of the Nomansland Area.

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Sir Rian

Sir Rian
As the geographer, I would support this, BUT, I do have a list of reasonable terms that have to be agreed to:

- Nomansland retains some coastal territory in the Sir Rian Ilgabar Bay / Nomansland Strait area (for which Braddia can have the part of Nomansland located at Abagozen Bay)

- Nomansland will be expanded North and Northwest to make up for the loss of territory

- Any settlements in what was previously Nomansland will remain, with full resource rights (which I guess you've already agreed to, but I feel it should mentioned in the proposed treaty anyway, and see below about the treaty)

- A new coastal road will be made, and it will be neutral like the one on the other side of the continent (plus the two will be connected by another road to be built between King David's Bay and Sir Rian Ilgabar Bay)

- Braddia will not be allowed to claim any more of Nomansland

- A treaty will be signed by Agrando and Braddia outlining these terms (and any other nations that would like to sign the treaty are welcome as well, as to validate and/or endorse it), with the penalties being that if Braddia violates ANY of the terms, ALL land east of the Grand Mountain will secede from Braddia and join Nomansland, and Braddia will not be allowed to make any land claims for one year (OOC: Realm time, of course).

Thank-you and good-day,

Sir Rian Ilgabar,
Lord of Londermere and Lockscore,
High Lord of Agrando

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Great Forum God
Parker I wrote:I oppose this, and I hope that Souran rejects these claims, they are not respectful of the Nomansland Area.

Actually, Nomansland was made as a roleplay device. Braddia is roleplaying the occupation of some of it.

So Braddia can have it, Sir Ryans terms can be debated. If he refuses, then just condemn him or soemthing, or better yet, another Great Realm War Laughing

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I forgot to reply. but we insure the peace and neutrilicy of all settlements and they shall be regarded as brothers and part of us. Though they will be completly under the control of their owners we will protect them as the FDA and Braddian relations are on the top of our list.

Also all Roads and the border to the Nomansland are going to be finaced by our government. the settlements and the FDa are free to use ALL naval borders of Braddia as because of the shared exploration and trade company negociations the Braddians will alow them to do this for FREE.

As for not claiming more the Braddians dont have any intentions of gaining more land for the next 6 to 12 months (of course Realm months.)This operation whas big enough for a long time.

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Waht is taking so long? Razz

My new map expension hasnt been added my land claims arent added and the FDA is building a fortress.. how must i gain some of the FDA hot coco? Evil or Very Mad Razz Razz

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