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The Southern Dragons have been classified as Sentients.

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As announced before, Dragons have been discovered in the southern portions of Tok. While some Red coloured Dragons are large and potent mounts for Asagonese riders, as well as Saurian friendly. A yellow variant was discovered in the mountains below the former Obelin Ghettos.

These Yellow Dragons are potent Artisans, as most of the gold in their Dragon hoards are molded into exotic shapes. Also, the Asagonese naturalist and explorer Nureci Naboros reports that they speak in a peculiar language which half sounds like grunting and shrieking. And they have settled in a large mountain which they've carved into a massive city network.

An Asagonese diplomat has been sent to discover how the Draconian language works. And if they will join the Asagonese.

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This should be interesting. Do they have a nation?

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The Dragons live in City States under a loose alliance called The Arthrakis Confederacy. We discovered a border city on the edge of our lands, this City of Arthrakis which heads the confederacy is based in the mountains to the west.

This is a map of all known Arthrakite territory.

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