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Eldar Battalion Occupies Way Gate territory

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Chiid scouts have managed to gain a peak at the Eldar army. Exact numbers are unknown but it seems to number between 40,000 to 100,000. Maybe more.

The Eldar are planning to invade Lone Orc Port on 1st day of the giant. (OC: 1st of January)

30,000 Orc Shock Troops are being mobilized there to reinforce the existing garrison of 10,000. Lone Orc Port is a fortress of stone built on the otherside of the Iron Mountains. The mountain range separating Chiid and Sirdovia. Yes, the Eldar know of Sirdovias unrest and will be attacking them as well as Chiid.

The 11.000 troops at Sirdovia will march to the terretory as well will the 14.000 in Chiid (25.000 Heavy Dragoons) The 100 Armoured Battle Trolls will be send to aid in this new conflict as well. (OOC: to make a point Braddian infantry and cavalry are both trained (always 40.000 men of 16 over a course of 4 to 5 years) in hand to hand combat, shooting, riding (so all troops can be used as dragoons and line infantry only Militia cant do these things there just militia)

Further more, the Braddian artillery which whas lost at the island is being remade, it will take time and wont be ready for the battle. The ships of Braddia have been damaged to a point that they needed to return to the ports to be repaired. The Braddian royal Family has been evacuated to a secret Bunker safe within the great Fortress City of Braddion with is armed with Guards and militia and forms the base of the military. This city also holds the leader of the Sirdovian people, the Braddian advice ALL leaders exept the FDA (nothing personal but they are one big bunker) to join them.

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