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Anciet Stone found

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1 Anciet Stone found on Wed Dec 29, 2010 12:13 am

The Stone of the Thousand Truths of Whurllism is found, the church and the Crowns forces have send its best men to pick it up and brought it to safty.

The King tells his people that after a long period the Church of Braddia has lied, the former High Priests knew of the tablet who they barried underneath the Head Church on the Braddian Island were Whurll came for the first time.

The true storry:

''Once when men were young and the world was fresh, the water splitted and forth out it came a great man, He was the lord of the waters, master of quackes and lord of all foam his screams casted storms and his eyes were deadly and magnificent. He who called him self Whurll lord of the waters and his 1000 other bretheren came from all corners. Earak The God of the Dead, Soerak, the brother of Earak who claimed the title of Lord of the Underworld, he was tasked to rule the underworld and let no mortal spirit leave, Lastas the God of War, Addos The God of the Sky, Erdios the God of the Land and Oodom god of the woods and forests. These were the most important gods, they and there wifes were the leaders of the the godly race who counted preciecly 1000 gods. They stationed in Braddin for the time being as for the so called Eldar emerged.

After drinking and living a good life the Gods prepared for war, they called for the Numariens the first of Dragons they could speak and were bigger than the other normal dragons. The gods mounted them and went on to the East to battle these Eldar and there Elfs. The bravest of all humans and other creatures were taken to fight these elfs.

the battle we did not see nor if we did could be discribed as it is above our understanding, millions of creatures died of all races men and elf alike. the Elfs who survived went living in the world and most of them became grey elfs who lived there lives as neutral form anyone even the gods as possible, this is why the gods tasked us to kill and enslave all traitor races and all enemy races and kill them if needed, Orcs, Tauren and Humans and most Dwarfs fought on the same side while being betrayed by most others.

The Leader gods, leaders of this world survived although weakend, there bretheren fell. one god could take 1000 eldar on his own, but the eldar came with 2 million soldiers. 12.000 Eldar were still here, and the protal still open, the God Whurll used his mighty roar and blasted them with all his power through the portal, before they went to the portal the 9th surviver a female god who whas mortaly injured said that she would give her life and power to seal the gate so that the weakend gods could rest as they were in no shape of winning this if the eldar came back through. And so she did, she gave her life and formed a ball of white magic who sealed the gate, but at the same time, Oldor the eldar leader went into the portal resolting in a clash of pure and dark magic which weakend the spell.

Whurll, sadend slept with the wife of the war god which his mind still thinking of the battle all the fierce and bloody memories went in and she gave birth to new god dressed in red, the War god whas furious, in his wrath he atacked the child who now lost a piece of his godly powers and fell to earth on western continent, his were abouts are unknown, he is the symbool the world needs to take revange on any elf that would dare to rise so says the mother who then went with all gods to the holy beds of the heavens to sleep for thousands of years to regain there energy.''

The Braddian king whas shocked and calls for reform of the Braddian religion.

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