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Taurens join the nation

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1 Taurens join the nation on Sun Jan 09, 2011 3:31 pm

The Tauren population that were nomads for thousands of years have come back to the Braddian nation of Abagozen, they will join the Abagonese teretory, the King has made a new council for the Tauren.

The Abagonese (Braddian Abagonese that is)councils:

The High Council of representation (chosen by the lower councils) (15 Saurian members & 20 Tauren members)

The Coucil of Elders (lower council) (20 members)

The Council of Saurians (lower council) (10 members)

it is based on the population: (population of Braddian Abagozen isnt calculated with the Braddian populations since there a semi autonomus state this wil change in some time)

20.000 Saurians

30.000 Taurens


The Rank list of superiority:
Superiour people: (the higher the more rights)
1. Humans
2. Orcs, Tauren, Dwarfs
3. Saurian
Slave races:
4. Gnomes, Trolls, Elves
Should be exterminated immidialtly:
5. Some Elves
6. Eldar

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