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Ex King David I arives

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1Ex King David I arives Empty Ex King David I arives on Thu Jan 13, 2011 2:45 am

The Former King of Braddia, David I, has arrived in Sirdovia with his 20 Black Elite Guards who are to protect him.

In a suprise the leaders of the Orthodox Whurllist Church has acompanied his majesty on the journey to meet the ''Son of Whurll and the godess of War''.

Reports say that the prince has arived at the palace of the Red Messaiah.

(OOC: you take it from here Sirdovia Razz)

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David and his retinue are met by the Braddian ambassador, and a handful of heavily-armoured paladins. The ambassador greets the leader joyously, ignoring the soldiers marching out to defensive positions.
The party is taken by carriage to the Grand Cathedral of the Saviour of Humanity, the central headquarters of the Congregation. The former king sees a partially-ruined, dirty city, at one end, and one of opulence and splendour at the other. He spies smoke coming a fire in the slum district, and comments to the ambassador.
"Don't worry, dear friend," the amiable politician replies. "It's just a Tribunal. Another heretic, burning into nothingness. No cause for alarm." The ambassador grins cheerfully. One of the Whurrlist leaders accompanying David whispers something in his ear, but he doesn't catch it.

The carriage crosses the moat across one of two great bridges joining the small island to the city proper. The carriage approaches the Grand Cathedral from the front, its magnificent splendour catching the visitors off-guard. "Spectacular, isn't it?" asks the ambassador. "truly, a palace fit for... well, for a god!" he breaks out laughing. David begins to doubt the man's sanity.

David and his retinue are taken inside. The main room looks like a standard church, albeit furnished with gold, frescos and numerous ancient-looking artifacts. Here and there, a priest scurries across the room, or a couple of holy men will stroll around, quietly debating some obscure point of their religion. Nobody seems particularly anxious about the battle about to begin outside.
As David and company inspect the relics that line the walls, a trumpet sounds at the dais. All around, priests drop to their knees. A door behind the podium opens. It is the Red Messiah.

"Come," the figure beckons, "let us talk.". David enters the door, followed by his retinue of guards and churchmen. A grand banquet is revealed opposite the door. Most of the Black Guards had never seen so large a feast. The Red Messiah sat at one end of the table, and David at the other, with his priests on the sides. "Please, feed yourself", the Red Messiah says. The feast begins, though the Red Messiah does not eat. His red mask is never removed.
What happens next is known only to those that were there. What is discussed, what is agreed to, perhaps none may ever learn. What is known, however, is that the Whurrlian priests leave certain that the Red Messiah is indeed the bastard son of Whurrl. All who entered come out looking dazed and shocked.The Black Guards seem to have suffered a cases of amnesia, and do not remember a thing about the meeting. The former Braddian king leaves the Grand Cathedral with his retinue. His priests are wide-eyed and excited about the vindication of their faith, having finally found the son of Whurrl. The Black Guard is more confused than anything, struggling to regain their memories. David himself is quiet, and seems distant, wearing a blank expression on his face.
The Braddian party begins the journey back to Braddia. The ambassador jabbers on, but nobody pays attention.

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