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Consequences of the Eldar Invasion

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1Consequences of the Eldar Invasion Empty Consequences of the Eldar Invasion on Tue May 03, 2011 5:24 pm


Great Forum God
So as you may have noticed, we got bored of defeated the Eldar. This war has severly changed realms however. In this post I will explain how the war affected all the nation then I will explain the individual conquences which affect Chiid. Reply by stating how your nation was affected.

  • Much infrastructure, agriculture and industry was destroyed in the Reckoning as well as during the war.
  • All nations population and wealth has decreased.
  • Political stability is decreased in all nations.
  • A new Eldar NPC has formed on an island somewhere. :p
  • Weather will be quite wierd for a few in-game years.
  • War is more devestating.
  • Resources are diminished.

  • All old territory of Chiid will become neutral to allow new players to inhabit.
  • The Warlord and entire Krag Clan was killed.
  • Chiid is moved to Abozogon and becomes Free Chiid.
  • Chiids government system changes to a Council of Lords.
  • Population severly decreased.
  • War mongering decreased.
  • Trade prowess increased due to location.
  • Power decreased.

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2Consequences of the Eldar Invasion Empty Re: Consequences of the Eldar Invasion on Thu May 05, 2011 8:59 pm

  • Most of the Eastern part is destroyed.
  • People are moving to the colonies, west and north.
  • The Southern Island is uninhabbitable.
  • Braddia is turing more isolationist.
  • Braddia is politicaly instable due to mental breakdown of the King.
  • Braddia is more religious intolorant and sends more religious missionairies to other nations.
  • Braddia has a No-War policy until Braddia is restored.
  • Braddia is restoring its economy
  • Braddias resource gathering, production, industry, agriculture goes to the North and West.
  • Braddia is more focused on becomming a self sustaining nation
  • Braddia is going to be mroe involved on tRade, but is preventing to rely on it.
  • Braddia lost 150.000+ people in the War.
  • Braddia believe the Gods have saved them
  • Braddia's stance towards the FDA is so bad that it thinks of ordering the removal of all FDA settlements within Braddian Borders.

((Souran... ABAGOZEN...))

Also it doesnt apply for the FDA as they remained Neutral.

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3Consequences of the Eldar Invasion Empty Re: Consequences of the Eldar Invasion on Fri May 06, 2011 9:56 pm

Many people have died
The Queen is missing, presumed dead
a provisional government has arisen in Ieodea, the Provisional Republic of Alledon. They only have power over Ieodea
Castletown Citizens support the royal succession, falling to the Queen's younger brother, Peter II. Peter's supporters only have power over Castletown, and part of Anders.
Lower Chiid is ruined, all the agriculture is gone. They fall under the Socialist Republic of Chiid, which is lead by humans, in the south of chiid, and northern Anders, as well as the area in between.
Serpent Forest is lead by a collection of native tribes.
Grey Beach is evacuated. Remnants of the Eldar dominate the landscape. Tribes from Serpent Forest are likely to take advantage.

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