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Why do i have two of the same friends on facebook?

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Does anyone know where to download thankskilling for free?I have a Question About MineCraft for Mac?sbc yahoo dsl installer?how do I get rid of mcdonalds face book when I sign in? <a href=;u=95823>Music recording on computer expert!?</a> zgaga leczenie Is there any free android apps to allow you to print to wireless printer?I got a sony pcg-2j3l & I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about it? Is it a good computer?Change my name on msn !!?How to play Windows games on a Mac computer using WINE?I have an avi movie that plays fine with any windows media player, but cuts out a small section?Youtube help... video responses?How to apply a theme background to a word 2010 document? refluks przelykowy <a href=>Refluks zoladka</a> co na zgage I need to display a random image from a directory. Each image will link to a directory of its file name.?Jump in excel graph HELP?acer hard drive switch over to new acer?could anyone tell me which wimax modem to choose? 635 or 632?[/url] Netbook saying 'Power Surge on Hub Port' when hard drive is plugged in.?I record with a hd pvr 1212 that uses MP4 format so what format should i use for youtube?skype name helppp ???????? Need some help with Facebook Status'?When I'm on facebook chat, my friends tell me it says I'm offline. Can anybody help me?What should I do, every time I tried to login to my it reads that Internet Explorer cannot d?

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