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Kandrack- Veritian Colonial Administration established.

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The harbour town of Osferth- Ovanez on the Kandrack- Veritian border has become the base of a joint colonial administration between Kandrack and Veritia. Hopefully this will relieve tensions after the devastating attacks in Evagoze.

The new KVCA is sending ships to the southern point of Adormath to explore and establish a colony on the continent. Also among the prioorities of this organization is to establish trade relations with Chiid and Alledon.

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Chiid ambassador, Gretan-Noglar will be pleased to open trade relations with the UAK. We have already drafted a contract for the trade relations:

Upon signing this agreement, all Asagonese ships will be accepted in Chiid docks. Military ships and vessels carrying questionable cargo may be checked by harbor masters.

Chiid Ships will be allowed to enter Asagonese harbors and be treated with the same agreement mentioned previously in the contract.

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