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Nomansland Proclamation

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1Nomansland Proclamation Empty Nomansland Proclamation on Sat Sep 04, 2010 10:02 am

Sir Rian

Sir Rian
I, Sir Rian of the Agrandan House of Ilgabar and of the Dwarvish Stonespeaker Clan, High Lord of Agrando, Lord of Londermere and Lockscore, son of Ilgabar II, son of Alonsar, son of Walstough, son of Ilgabar, son of Gilberse, son of Kelzid II, son of Kelzid, proclaim Nomansland to be a protected territory of the FDA. We have several settlements in the area and seven thousand Agrandan citizens live in Nomansland. For too long they have resisted slavers, raiders, pirates, and the like, now their cries for help have been answered.

The colonization of Nomansland is not discouraged (and we do not own it, it is Nomansland after all), but attacks on Agrandan citizens and/or settlements will not be taken lightly, murderers and slavers beware, if found guilty I will have you hanged, in fact, I'll do the honours personally.

Good day,
Sir Rian Ilgabar,
Lord of Londermere and Lockscore,
High Lord of the Federal Dominion of Agrando

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