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Sir Rian

Note: This is a combination of OOC and IC.

Hello, my name is Sir Rian Ilgabar, of the House of Ilgabar, I am the Lord of Londermere and Lockscore, and the High Lord of Agrando, which is my nation, the Federal Dominion of Agrando, AKA the FDA. Of course I'm not really the Lord of Londermere and Lockscore and such...

Well, I am, but on Planet Realm, not Planet Earth Wink

Anyway, here are some suggestions, some guidelines, some ideas:

- Be friendly, because if you aren't... Well, Karma sucks...

- Do not take anything too personally, it's just roleplay folks, and if you do, you probably shouldn't roleplay.

- Be involved! Put thought into your posts and content, and breathe life into it! Take your time and make long, detailed and informative posts!

- Be (semi) realistic! And that shouldn't need a detailed explanation!

If anyone thinks of any more guidelines that would be useful, please do post them, and if they're good, I'll add them accordingly Smile

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