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Obelin Ghetto denounced by Gelean seperatist leader Krynym Haryff

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The Obelin ghetto is an industrial settlement in the Veritian Empire, it primarily houses factory workers and the lowest of the lower class. The living conditions in this settlement are dire, the population consists mostly of the native Veritians. but a new discovery reveals that the Gelean regional Governor Ulabete has been leaking Gelean workers into the Ghetto. This has caused outrage within the

Gelean Seperatist faction Braiddryg, the leader Krynym Haryff is a well known terrorist. Although he himself is a Saurian, he has won the respect of the Human Defence League. The two callaborated on the attacks on Evagoze.

"Geleans are not slaves to you pampered invaders, we are a seperate people and a nation. We will not forget this"- Krynym on the issue.

This is expected to create much turmoil within the Union Council, and a full blown revolt is all but upon us.

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Chiid is always selling its weapons. Maybe the following can help in the war for any faction.

Musket-300 Sala
Cannon-5000 Sala
Steam Boats-10,000 Sala
Bolt Loaded Artillery-50,000 Sala

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