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Veritian Communist Order joins the Gelean Nationalists.

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This is a dark time for the Veritian people, the Gelean Nationalist leader Krynym Haryff has joined forces with Evali Obelona of the VCO (Veritian Communist Order) The Veitian Emperor Abagose has dispatched his army to find and destroy the rebels. Now it is certain, the Geleans are ready to go into full rebellion, and the impoverished masses of the Obelin ghetto are rising up against a corrupt government.

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Veritian Communist Order joins the Gelean Nationalists. Factionsgim

The Factions in the War

(Peoples Republic of Asagon) PRA- White

(United States of Tok) UST- (Controlled Territory) light blue (Uncontrolled Claimed Territory) Dark Blue

(Veritian Empire) VE- Yellow

(Kingdom of Kandrack) KK- Black

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Braddia wishes to help.

Braddia in its new claims found alot of new Trolls.

These Trolls (when armed) are loyal and deadly, We will sell them to you for 800 Sala per Troll (thats 4.000 Braddos)

Renting them is 400 Sala per Troll.

We can max ship 200 per week.

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We will gladly accept the help.

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UAK wrote:We will gladly accept the help.

Renting or buying?

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Buying thank you, we'll take twenty trolls for 8000 sala.

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