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Braddian news.

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1 Braddian news. on Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:21 pm

The kingdom of Braddia has some news:

The King is willing to accept if the aggresor offers it, but the king wants in return 500.000 BRDS.

The Braddian fleet is going to be increased with 20 ships. The 2 ships are under equiped and the fleet is to small, these new ships will be equiped with 24 cannons instead of 18 cannons. The King is going to spend 200.000 BRDS to make them. Also the King is going to decommision the older ships or sell them to people who want them. They are for sale for 10.000 BRDS each.

Also the King is going to propose to sit around the table with the leader of the FDA, this move is to ensure the safty of both nations and to make sure war will never come to the West as the East has a history of war.

The King is calling on the other powers (after the current war) to sit around the table and discusse the size of the Nomanslands as the Kingdom finds them to big. The King hopes that the results will be great.

Trade: The Trade fleet has been expanded and the full cappebility of the Fleet to transport slaves or goods have been doubled. The King's Trade Counsler has announced that anyone who is interesed can contact the Kingdom.

The Wurll order and the Old Whurll order have shaken hands and will work with the King and the King's Governemnt to spread misionaries of Whurllism over the world and spread the word of Whurll.

The King has announced that he will speak with the Chiid Leader(s) about the economy and fidn a way to increase both economies.

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2 Re: Braddian news. on Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:35 pm


The King had ordered to develope 24 lber Horse Artillery, these artillery will be moved around by horses. The king says that mobility is the key to victory.

The troops send to the Chiid are mostly the skirmishers and some dragoons. Although this is still not validated as the Crown's Army want to keep this a secret.

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