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The Trade Thread

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1The Trade Thread Empty The Trade Thread on Wed Sep 22, 2010 2:05 am


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Braddia wrote:
Braddia does understand. Also Braddia is interested in Slave trade. The prices are already given to you. Let us know if your intereseted.
While the offer is appreciated, the Divine Empire maintains a strict policy of racial purity within the Holy Lands. No non-human may enter, even as a slave. A special admission may be made for diplomatic missions in which a human representative is unavailable.
The Divine Church wishes to make note, however, that it is open to the trade of other commodities.
The Divine Empire maintains a very strong arms industry, and is able to provide premium arms and armour at a very reasonable price. The commission of architects and artists is also available.

100 "Crimson Arrow" muskets: 30,000 Sala
100 "Impaler" Pikes: 13,000 Sala
100 suits "Soulguard" armour: 45,000 Sala
Artisan and craftsman commission fees negotiable.
Bronze, Iron, steel, silver and gold prices negotiable.

In return, the Divine Empire is primarily interested in wood products, such as lumber and paper. The hire of mercenaries is also possible for consideration.

NOTE: The Divine Empire of Scondovia will refuse the sale or trade of weapons to any nation in a military alliance with a nation led by or under the direct influence of a non-human sovereign.

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