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Gen. Connell Muzicha Announnounces plans to conquest Eastern Zok

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Alledonian General Connell Muzicha has announced plans to take control of Eastern Zok and the Serpent Forest that lies there.

Ezlonn Paricon of the ADC (Alledonian Department of Colonization) says that the Military and the ADC has ignored the area for a while, due to it's hard to navigate Serpent Forest, however, the alleged gunpowder mines that lie beneath the heavy canopy are enticing to the ADC. Gold is also rumored to hide in the forest's depths. The ADMA (Alledonian Department of Mining and Agriculture) also supports this movement into the jungle.

However, this was not met without opposition. Pure Scediamists beleive the forest is sacred, and should not be trampled upon. However, Pure Scediamists only make up 2% of the Alledonian Population, and are generally regarded as too stringent. The ADRSS (Alledonian Department of Religion and Sacred Sites) has decided to let the government continue with the action, saying that the Sacredness of the forest is debatable, even among Pure Scediamists.

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As long as expeditions remain away from Chiid territory, we'll be fine.

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