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Corstorn Powder Production up 2000%!

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1Corstorn Powder Production up 2000%! Empty Corstorn Powder Production up 2000%! on Thu Sep 02, 2010 2:30 am

Sir Rian

Sir Rian
The production of Corstorn Powder, a medicinal powder harvested from the Corstori plant, a plant native to Adormarth, is up 2000% from last year. The powder is very flavourful and also extremely flammable. It's uses include mixing it with fresh water to make soda and mixing it with sea water, Agrandan Ale and Thornberry juice to produce a slightly addictive compound that can be smoked. The Lords' Scientific Society is also looking into it's uses as a fuel and as ammunition.

The Corstori plant currently grows in two places, in the God's Rivers floodplain (in Southern Adormarth) and also in Lockscore Valley (on the Isle of Thorn).

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