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Arming of the Coasts

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1 Arming of the Coasts on Mon Feb 14, 2011 2:07 am

A thick wall has been build around Braddia, not only that but a series of forts have been placed.

all forsts are connected so that none of the men stand alone.

Braddia is in a lock down and Defcon 1. Many people from the Nomansland and outside it who wanted to live free have chosen to live in Braddia.

Braddia has made a Army of 110.000 men, none of these are getting paid but they gain food from the Government everyone needs to give food to them and stuff because of there services.

*90.000 Elite Infantry, trained since the last army fell.
-10.000 of these are in Sirdovia fighting in the Civil war
- 80.000 are at home

30.000 Millitia trained to deffend the country when the Eldar come. they are stationed on the Forts.

The Capital City has been triple walled and heavily deffended by Guards and the Black Guards.

The King has a emergency rout to a secret dock so he can flee to one of the colony island which has been secretly designed to be be a ultimate fort.

The people of small towns have been evacuated to larger cities. small towns with agraculture have been fully armed.

30% of the people of city has been givin a weapon and a sword to deffend the town when the Eldar come.

The King stated:

''They faced many powers but non as strong as the Braddian superpower, the only superpower that will be left and will either rise or fall in battle. Either they conquer us or they will die trying!''

(Bonus Braddia + 100.000 Citizens Razz)

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