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How many Cities?

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1How many Cities? Empty How many Cities? on Mon Sep 06, 2010 4:40 pm


Great Forum God
How many Cities do you have and can you give details?


Kragon-Population: 8000
Klar-Zen: 4000
Gette'yon: 1500
Lomray: 2000
Quorn: 4000

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2How many Cities? Empty Re: How many Cities? on Tue Sep 07, 2010 12:55 am

Sir Rian

Sir Rian
1. The Population is Rounded
2. These are only the towns, cities and settlements on the map
3. Military bases are NOT included
4. Towns are defined as having between 2000 and 30000 people
5. Cities are defined as having more than 30000 people
6. Villages are defined as having less than 2000 people
7. Settlements are defined as villages out of our borders (usually in Nomansland)


Londermere Population: ~95,000
Lockscore Population: ~66,000
Willora Point Population: ~37,000
Cliffton Population: ~36,000
Walwent Population: ~25,000
Kondarsk Population: ~21,000
Bantory Population: ~15,000
Londertree Population: ~5,000
Lonsorrim Population: ~3,000

Alsabar Population: ~500
Grand Mountain West Population: ~5,000
Grand Mountain East Population: ~5,000
Shilloran Population: ~200
Elbadear Population: ~100

Approximately 31000 other Agrandans reside in rural areas of the country or on a military base, and when you add it all together you get a population of ~340000 (which isn't off by very much, the actual population at last count was 336520).

EDIT: We have several thousand new citizens due to the fact we have now claimed, after consulting with the local Elves, a place called Londertree that many Agrandans consider to be their ancestral home, myself included... In fact, the House I belong to is a branch of the Londertree Clan... But anyway, there are five thousand Elves that reside there, and they have now became Agrandan citizens...

Thank-you and good-day,

Sir Rian Ilgabar,
Lord of Londermere and Lockscore,
High Lord of Agrando

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3How many Cities? Empty Re: How many Cities? on Tue Sep 07, 2010 1:05 am


Slyfanir- 115,000
Eofenburg- 30,000
Sumteaster- 20,000
Exerwik- 10,000
Mindene- 25,000


Evagoze- 200,000 (Most living in poverty)
Ubelize- 95,000
Avelize- 100,000
Ozelize- 95,000
Obelin Ghetto- 200,000 (working force)


Cynin- 50,000
Vlynyn- 20,000
Crinyn- 25,000

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