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Assembly of Departments: Decision 59

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1Assembly of Departments: Decision 59 Empty Assembly of Departments: Decision 59 on Tue Sep 28, 2010 9:40 pm

Decision 59 is carried by President Parker Wve-Tllac.

The Assembly of Departments decides:
A new format of government will be formed in Alledon.

Each Alledonian state will vote 10 members in to the State Assembly. Each State Assembly will elect one representative in the Alledonian senate.

Each Alledonian State will have one Representative in the Alledonian Senate. The senate will vote on every law first.

The Alledonian Senate will have a head, known as the High Senator.

The law, after being voted upon by the Alledonian Senate, will pass to the Assembly of Departments, who will vote upon it.

The president retains veto power.

General Muzicha (National Party) --OPPOSE
Head Paricon (Conservative Freedom Party)--SUPPORT
Head Viedoch (Conservative Freedom Party)--SUPPORT
Head Richie (Worker's Party)--SUPPORT
Head Decic (Communist Party)--OPPOSE

The Conservative Freedom Party did well in this decision. All they had to do was win over the National Party, (which had announced they strongly opposed the Motion), the Communist Party, (which had announced they were unsure of the motion), or the Worker's Party, (which also announced they were unsure.) They got the Head Richie of the Worker's Party to vote with them.

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