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Premier Ubeli to Resign

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1Premier Ubeli to Resign Empty Premier Ubeli to Resign on Wed Nov 17, 2010 11:12 pm

The Asagonese News Service

The Premier Ubeli is set to resign as Premier of the PRA, in lieu of massive support for the young Velaci Ovoros. He stated that due to his failed campaign in Braddia, and the gain of only diamond as new Asagonese territory. Although his term also saw the annexation of the UST and the colonization of southern Tok. Doubling the already established PRA territory, and bringing the Asagonese civilization to its height as a communist state. The young Velaci is already held as a prodigy, she commanded the Womens Militia against the Monarchist rebels, putting her nicely in the eyes of the people a a great warrior.

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